Tell Her about Your Feelings

This is hard for men. Nevertheless, your woman doesn’t read your mind. So, to be on her best side, tell your girl how you feel about her. This will make your woman feel special knowing that you feel comfortable opening up to her.

Remember Her Friends’ Names

Listening to your girl when she talks is very important. Although this is not easy to do particularly when she talks about things that do not involve you, it’s very important. For instance, you should remember the names of her friends. Your girl will most likely feel offended if you refer to her friends with phrases like ‘the girl with a big nose’. Remembering her friends’ names will tell her that you actually listen to her.

Accompany Her When She Goes Shopping

Men find going shopping with girls very hard. But, if you accompany your girl to the mall, she will feel special about it. Help her choose clothes and even carry bags for her. Avoid complaining during the shopping trip. Instead, act like you like being there and her appreciation will definitely surprise you later.

Generally, making a girl feel special is not as complicated as some men think. You don’t need grand gestures or a lot of money to achieve it. Just do the little things that your woman likes and she will appreciate your efforts.

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