Do Men Really Want to Be More Aggressive?

Generally speaking, men are more aggressive than women. Men can attack a woman anywhere without hesitation. In fact, men don’t really have to look for the woman’s reaction because they will do it automatically. Women would call that aggression. Here are some reasons why men are always on the prowl.

The number one reason why most men get involved in fights is because they feel that women are weak and delicate. This is especially true with women who are smaller and younger than them. Men feel that they can easily overpower women. They have this belief that women are easy to catch and that they do not need any effort to win over. They believe that they don’t need to work too hard to be successful.

Another reason why men are naturally more aggressive is that they think women are easy to manipulate. A lot of unscrupulous men take advantage of women who are less confident. They seduce them, then seduce them some more and when they aren’t ready they take off. This makes them feel secure and they become aggressive because they know that they can always trust their man again.

They never feel threatened and they feel like everything is going their way. Some women have been known to fake their orgasms. There are even some women who fake orgasms just to make their men happy. Men are not capable of distinguishing whether a woman is truly enjoying sex or she is faking it to make her look good in front of him.

This is why they take the route of manipulation instead of  lovemaking. To them, lovemaking means giving and receiving and if
it doesn’t, then it is simply not worth the time spent on it. Finally, some men try to show their masculinity by getting into fights. This is how they show that they are tough, powerful and capable. In reality, most men have the same strength inside of them and that is what makes them feel powerful.

Therefore, trying to show that you can’t be pushed around is not a sign of weakness and most importantly, it is not a sign that you would like your man to be aggressive towards you. It all boils down to one thing. If you want to make your man be more aggressive towards you, stop trying so hard to manipulate him and do more to show your masculinity.

Allow him to become what he is naturally more aggressive toward. Then, you two will be happier and it will all just work out in the end.

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